• E3 is actually E ³

    Ecology x Energy x Economy

    The E3 LIFESTYLE concept encompasses the application/integration of advanced technical solutions in the construction of ’green’ houses and neighborhoods with the ultimate objective of improving your lifestyle.



    • Giving you the opportunity to live in a house and environment that is ecologically clean, designed in synergy with nature.

    • Ensuring maximum energy efficiency; E3 houses not only save, but also produce energy that can be sold to the local Electricity Authority.

    • Providing above at very low prices.


    Is founded on the principle that our living environment should be ecologically clean and designed in synergy with nature. This translates to designing with total care of energy consumption andpossible future impacts to the near and global environmentwith regards to energy exploitation and potential pollutions.

    E3 LIFESTYLE concept is accompanied with a set of sophisticated Financial Planning proposals/suggestions that aim at assisting you in the purchase of your E3 house (and possible instalment payments thereafter), thereby making the possible requirement of a Bank Loan obsolete.

Who can benefit through E3 Lifestyle?

In reality : anyone and everybody !
For detailed illustration, hereby we are listed profiles of participants who could tremendously raise and secure benefits from their considerations to E3 Lifestyle:

e3 lifestyle art
Architects, Designers, Developers and Constructors

who want to improve their portfolio through adoption of E3 solutions in their day-to-day business activities;

Innovators and suppliers

of new technologies in the areas of construction, energy exploitation, water, sewage and waste treatments, etc.;


who are looking for asset backed opportunities with minimized risk and maximized return;


who are seeking an optimized purchase scheme for solving one of life’s most vital ‘problems’: securing their own house!

Freelancers, business consultants, advisors

and other independent professionals who are looking for an attractive product that will help them boost their business!

Land owners

who are seeking ways to maximize the value of their land — they can offer their land for the development of an E3 project and in exchange receive a share of the profits or ownership of specific E3 houses;